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O Two O 12Pcs Eye Makeup Brushes Set

O Two O 12Pcs Eye Makeup Brushes Set


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    • 12 Sticks


    • 100% Fiber


    • Cute Brushes


Doing eye makeup is an intricate task, it requires meticulous blending from the crease of the eye to the outer corner. For making it look flawless, you need the assistance of professional brushes which can assist in placing the right amount of color to the designated area. The o two o eye makeup brushes are designed for the exact purpose. This is possibly the best makeup brush set you will ever come across and that too in such a reasonable price range.

Some really important eye makeup brushes which are given in this set are:

1. Flat Shader O.Two.O Brush

You can use this either through its flat side for shading, blending or adding small strokes of colors. The chisel edge can be used to create neat edges.

2. Stiff Dome O.Two.O Brush

This type of brush is utilized for dabbing color in the eye’s crease area. It is helpful for blending darker shadows and is particularly useful for creating the smokey eye makeup look.

3. Angled Eye liner O.Two.O Brush

If you are a fan of the winged eye look, then this has to be the best brush to use. This brush draws a precise, fine line flawlessly on your eyes. Even if you want to create a regular eye line, this brush is extremely useful for that purpose. This brush can also be used to brush little color on the eyebrows too.

4. Eye Shadow O.Two.O Brushes

There are three sizes for this purpose: large, medium and small. The large brush is for dabbing the major color of your eye look. The medium brush is used to dab in a lighter color and to blend it with the dominating color. The small brush is used to add small amounts of glittery colors or loud colors to add depth to the dominant color in the eye.

5. Eyeshadow Stamp O.Two.O Brush

Loads of bristles are compacted in this brush to help you get maximum color placement on your eyes. This brush is useful when you want an intense shade of color to be added on the eye.

6. Eye Blender O.Two.O Brush

While adding eyeshadow to your eyes, you may notice some solid spots of powder staying on your lid. These can ruin the look of your makeup. The eye blender brush comes to the rescue here, by lightly sweeping off excess product and adding finesse by blending the colors.

7. Cut Crease O.Two.O Brush

This particular brush can create a perfect crease with color on your eye. Its tiny bristles are appropriate to give depth to your crease and add a finished look.

8. Fine Point Eyeliner O.Two.O Brush

This brush is similar to a liquid eyeliner brush. You simply need to dab some product on its tip and use its thinness to create a perfect line of your eyes.

9. Smudgy Eye O.Two.O Brush

Creamy eye shadows have the ability to stay longer on your eyes. This is why a lot of women prefer using them. This brush is perfect for creamy eye shadows as its bristles are designed to smudge semi-solid colors on the eyes.

10. Precision Concealer O.Two.O Brush

For applying concealer around the eye area, this delicate brush works wonders. It is particularly useful for adding concealer to the inner corners and edges of the eyes, as these are hard to reach areas.

Thus, you can easily create any fancy look on your eyes with the help of these handy o two o eye makeup brushes. You can be as creative as you like with them! Give them a try today!


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