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Ajmal Alia Perfume For Women – 75ml

Ajmal Alia Perfume For Women – 75ml


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A bouquet of surprises targeted to attract women who like to play the game of unpredictability. The fragrance leads the wearer from one cue to the other, playing deceit with every note. A startlingly Fresh, Spicy and Woody composition celebrating the freshness of Bergamot & Lemon with a captivating touch of Pink pepper leads the fragrance in to a contrasting heart of spice containing Cardamom and abundance of Violet & Armoise. The scent settles smoothly on a warm bed of Patchouli, Vetiver, intoxicated further with mighty Gaiacwood, Cedarwood and Musk. It is these contrasts that make it exciting, feminine, floral and exotic.

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