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O Two O Rose Gold Liquid Highlighter

O Two O Rose Gold Liquid Highlighter
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  • Smooth & Flawless
  • Shiny & Glowy Skin
  • Shimmering Pearl Pigment

(1) Shimmer Highlighter – Fine texture, uniform color, pearlescent light color, good stereoscopic effects, give you a delicate look.

(2) Contour & Concealer – With the soft highlighter cream, it can give a smooth and flawless appearance to your skin, which can clearly see the brightness of the skin.

(3)Make Your Face Looks 3D & Keep Your Makeup Longer – This high – gloss milk is the nemesis of mottle, makeup-removing, dull, which brightens the complexion and bids farewell to the faint, giving you a fresh and long-lasting look.

(4) Available In 3 Color – Different color suitable for different color skin, The color of the product completely solves the skin needs of various skin colors, the skin whitening muscles, natural fresh.

(5) How To Use – Before using the foundation, apply the highlighter make up before use to the brow, eye, nose, cheekbones and chin to improve local brightness.


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