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O Two O Glow Lift Contour Stick

O Two O Glow Lift Contour Stick


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  • Glow Lift
  • Light Shadow
  • Smooth

One stick with double effects, the contour appear immediately. Brighten the face, modify the contour, smooth, stick to the skin and durable, stereoscopic natural small face can be created.

Highlighting head can brighten the forehead, bridge of nose, cheekbones and chin; shadow head can modify the wing of nose, sublabial, face, forehead edge, stereoscopic small face can be completed when naturally dizzying.



01: Fair color + Light brown color (for fair skin color)

02: Natural color + Warm brown color (for natural skin color)

03: Dusty pink color + Dark brown color (for wheat skin color)

04: Beige color + Cool brown color (for western makeup)


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