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24Pcs Reusable Nails #25

24Pcs Reusable Nails #25

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24Pcs O.TWO.O Nails Set with accessories

For your professional nail extension and natural ultra-thin nail making.
Suitable for nail extension with nail art decoration, acrylic, UV gel, fiberglass and silk applications.

Detachable, not easy to break, easy to use and remove.

1. Easy to disassemble and assemble, environmentally friendly
2. Take out the nail and apply it.
3. Use the manicure stick and nail file in order to apply it correctly.
4. Just apply, let dry and clean.

How to use:
1. Use stick-on on the nails to attach.
2. Depending on the outside temperature, it usually dries within 3 minutes.
3. Take it out after it is completely dry.

Package Includes:
24x Nails
1x Manicure Stick
1x Stick On
1x Nail File
1x Alcohol Pad


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