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Oil For Hair Growth and Shine Ingredients:1. Pure Mustard Oil2. Roghan-e-Khaskhash3. Raghan-e-Kaddu4. Daarchini5. Sookha Dhania6. Laung
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Skin oil that ensures fair, supple and fresh looking skin also clears away wrinkles and dryness. Usage: Apply over face at night for some time and then wash face before going to bed. After a few days if it suits you keep it ove...
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A traditional remedy that extracts the nutritional richness of coconuts, the herbal GAYSU DARAZ helps stimulate new hair growth while fortifying your hair to become thicker and shinier. -- A traditional remedy that extracts the...
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Product Description: This soothing tonic contains 100% natural herbs and rose water. it is used as a mixture with all the safoofs. Usage: It can be applied over the face with cotton anytime to refresh your skin.Ingredients:1. A...

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