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Exquisite Design High Pigment Silky Texture --High Pigment — Forms a barrier on lips that locks in color, preserving vibrancy; Silky Texture —- lightweight matte color without drying, caking or fading; Color And Effec...
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Full Coverage High Color Payoff Without Dryness Leaving Lips Moist, Soft, & Comfortable --Feature: High Pigment --- Forms a barrier on lips that locks in color, preserving vibrancy. Silky Texture ---- lightweight ma...
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What is it: O.TWO.O 2 IN 1 LIPSTICK. Dual-use in one stroke, fine outline, three-dimensional lip enhancement. ❤ WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT:- 2 in1 lipstick that combines lip gloss and lipstick.- Matte finish, matte but not dry.- Add ...
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Lip Protection Smooth Texture Semi-Matte Texture -- 2022 NEW Semi-matte Lipstick The intersection with the story of O.TWO.O originates from the passion for lip protection. We will present the accessible stars to you thi...
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Easy to Carry Highly Pigmented Soft Silk -- 1.2 in 1 Matte Lipstick- combined the lipstick with lip-gloss, lipstick lip gloss free to switch, say goodbye to the tangled life, easy to carry, to enjoy the free life. 2.E...
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Long Lasting Kiss & Waterproof Bright & Colorful -- (1)LONG-LASTING KISSPROOF AND WATERPROOF. Applying lip gloss, the makeup is glowing, no matter whether it is kissing or raining, there is no worries. (2)BR...

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