Face Blushes

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The nature OF O.TWO.O Liquid Blush product: Choosing a blush that won't dry out the skin, irritate it, or promote excessive oil production is critical. The initial layer of O.TWO.O  Liquid Blush can be worn as a thin coating t...
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  O.TWO.O Glow Color Bounce Blush Selling point: ❤Powder-gel blush feels lightweight like a powder, melts into skin like a cream. Bouncy refreshing color that lasts and moisturizing. ❤TEXTURE: A new type of blush product, soft...
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Blends Smoothly Soft texture Oil-Free -- 6 COLORS – Choosing orange and pink hue to make 5 blushes that are suitable for daily using. Add small shimmer to it, help you to make the most popular makeup. HIGH QUALITY, SAF...

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